Bus Tour

Bus tours run on Saturdays only and require advance ticket purchase.

Approx. Pick-up times for bus tours

*Please note that the pick-up times for the following weekend tours will be posted in the week before the tour.

Downtown Picton 12:45 pm / 5:05 pm
The Waring House #1 1:00 pm / 5:20 pm
The Waring House #2 1:00 pm / 5:20 pm
Downtown Bloomfield 12:35 pm / 4:55 pm
North Belleville (Towneplace Hotel) 12:30 pm / 6:25 pm
Downtown Belleville 12:40 pm / 6:15 pm
South Belleville (Travelodge Hotel- back behind the hotel) 12:55 pm / 6:00 pm
Wellington 1:00 pm / 5:00pm

Tickets are refundable up to three days before the event.


You must arrange transportation home or back to your accommodations from the drop-off point at the end of the tour. PLEASE DON’T DRINK & DRIVE.

Alcohol consumption and open alcohol containers are NOT permitted at any time on the bus.

Tickets available online only and must be purchased before midnight on the day before the event.

Visit wassailinthecounty.com for full details of all Wassail activities.

Stops on each bus route will be 4 stops at any of the participating County Wineries. Wineries stops are determined the week before the tour and are subject to change.  Your tour operator will announce your tour’s particular itinerary when you arrive on the bus.

Choose from 7 Departure* Points:

1) Downtown Picton

Mary Street Free Parking Lot, Picton       MAP

2) The Waring House

395 Sandy Hook Rd, Picton        MAP

 3) Downtown Bloomfield

 Old CIBC Free Parking Lot, Bloomfield       MAP  

4) North Belleville

Towneplace Suites, Marriott  400 Bell Boulevard, Belleville        MAP

5) Downtown Belleville

Riverfront Parking Lot, Belleville        MAP

5) South Belleville

Travelodge 11 Bay Bridge Road, Belleville        MAP

7) Central Wellington

Old Greenhouse Ice Cream Shop parking lot, Wellington     MAP

* buses will return to the same departure address at the end of the tour