Frequently Asked Question

When will tickets for the bus tour go on sale for Wassail?

 Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of October

How will I know what stops my bus will make?

Please reference the list of participating wineries.  Your tour guide operator will announce the wineries that you will visit when you get on the bus

Is it possible to organize a bus for a private party?

Yes, you can arrange a private bus tour for groups of 20 people or more for $40 per person. Contact the organizers to book.

Does each bus do a different tour?

Yes, each bus goes on a different tour on a different route to different wineries.

What time will my bus leave?

Expect an email with all the instructions and exact departure times of each bus pick-up point 1-2 days before your tour. It is also listed on the website.

Will I be able to do shopping at the wineries? 

Yes, each winery makes their own unique offering for gift ideas.  Wine is a perfect holiday or house-warming present for many on your list.

How many wines are sampled for free on the bus tour?

At each winery, expect 2 samples of wine as part of your tour. 

What if I want to sample additional wines on the bus tour?

Additional samples and glasses will be available at the wineries.  Wineries may ask for $2 (prices may vary per winery) per additional sample.  Bring your toonies!

Will there be a guide on the bus?

Yes. Each bus will have your Wassail spirit tour guide to lead your singing and all the on-the-bus-fun.

What to wear on the bus tour?

The more festive the outfit more fun you’ll have.  Dress appropriate for the weather, you may want to spend time touring the winery grounds.

Can we drink on the bus?

Consuming alcohol is not permitted on the bus

Can I bring my own alcohol from home?

No, the wineries do not permit outside drinks to be consumed on their properties.  This is a wine tour to sample the local flavors from our wine purveyors.